About Us

My name is Bradley Dixon and I welcome you to our Jumping Beings multi-sports program!


Having worked with children in fitness programs for the past ten years or so both here and abroad, I believe I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our sports program, not only assisting in all areas of the developmental process but also creating a foundation for children to take with them for a better future.

What are we about?          

We are about having fun, making friends, keeping healthy and learning something new. We want your children to talk about their class all week and we want them to make exercise a regular part of their weekly or daily routine. Our teachers love what they do and we know it reflects on the energy of the class, helping to keep our program 'FULL OF BEINGS'. 


We are also about preparing your children for a good start to primary school as well as keeping our mums fit and healthy. Some of our classes run alongside a mum's fitness program which provides the chance for mums to exercise at the same time as their superstars. For more details and schedules please head into the  "happy mum happy home" tab on this website. 



At MM&JB we also offer Sports Holiday Camps, Birthday parties as well as corporate fitness events for kids, let us take the stress out of planning and running your little one's birthday party by providing a sport and entertainment program for children that is fun, safe and healthy!  



Some of the physical benefits
  • Gross and fine motor skills.

  • Encouragement of teamwork and sportsmanship.

  • Hand-eye + foot-eye coordination.

  • Core strengthening and balance.

  • Introduction to 10 different sports over the term which eliminates the boredom factor keeping children interested as well as helping parents identify which sport they like the most. 



Everyday life benefits
  • Taking turns.

  • Development of listening skills and concentration.

  • Cooperation, Increase in confidence and self-esteem. 

  • Incorporation of basic counting and colour concepts.

  • Age appropriated classes with activities based on kids developmental mild stones.



To find out more about how your child can benefit from our program, what our customers have to say check out the below videos or        



                                     Or call us on our banana phone at 0488 130 783.