The Jumping Beings offer a variety of sports helping in your child’s developmental processes sports include:


  • Basketball, Soccer and Football.

  • Cricket, Tennis, Hockey & T Ball.

  • Athletics, Balance Stations and Obstacle courses

  • Throwing & Rolling Skills. 

Term Price  

$250 per 10-week term at Rushcutters Bay, Centennial Park and Hallstrom Park.​

$180 per 10-week term at Hindmarsh Park - Kiama


Mondays & Fridays at Centennial Park at 'Body Beyond Baby' 




Thursdays at Rushcutters Bay Tennis Centre & Kiosk



Wednesdays at Hallstrom Park at 'Mums Going Strong Fitness'  

9.30am-10.30am   ​

Fridays at Kiama Hindmarsh




Mini Beings      2 ½ -3 ¼ years

Mini Beings is the first stage of our program where the basics of all sports are introduced with a focus on balance, movement and following instructions. Our Mini Beings are encouraged through creative play. Mini Being loves sports but his most favorites is tennis. He hopes one day to win the Wimblebeing trophy!

Running Beings 3 ¼ -4 years

As the Running Beings jump higher and move faster they move into our second stage taking on new challenges through a gain in confidence, independence and physical skills. Running Being loves all sports but his favorite is athletics. Running Being is so fast he can catch a rocket. Don't blink or he will disappear!!

Winged Beings 4-4 ½ years 

Being the third stage of our program the pace begins to pick up. There is more of a focus on technique and team play. Winged Beings are almost ready to spread their wings and fly. Winged Being has the power to fly like a bird. Winged Being is also a member of the NBA (National Being Association) championship basketball team. Watch out for the slam dunks!! 

Super Beings 4 ½ years +

By this stage your child has a better understanding of all sports and ready for the new challenge of school and what direction they can continue with future sporting endeavours. Super Being is a master of all sports after all his training with the team. He is ready to grab his rugby ball and break free to big school and big challenges!